We use two Landsat scenes from July 1988 and 2011 for a region in Brazil. The data sets were downloaded from EarthExplorer and subset are provided for download. Additionally various vector data sets are provided either for visualization purposes, exercises or analysis.

The study area used in the book is located in northern Brazil.

Study area in Brazil used in the book.

We provide various levels of the satellite data sets (all 7z archives, download software for free):

download all datasets (1.1 GB) – this includes:

  • Landsat 2011
    • original bands
    • preprocessed data
  • Landsat 1988
    • original bands
    • preprocessed data

The vector data sets:

  • IUCN protected areas
  • road network
  • field sampling locations
  • species locations
  • animal movement pattern
  • preprocessed files

Moreover we provide the following data sets which are used or created within the book:

  • the EarthExplorer text file with a list of all available scenes
  • the Digital Elevation raster files (DEM) for the study area
  • the final pre-processed data sets
  • data sets to test for mosaic of scenes
  • data sets to test for georeferencing
  • pan-chromatic Landsat data
  • final products of remote sensing data analysis done in this book

additionally the following data sets could be downloaded which are also available through the commands executed in the book (the data need to be extracted into the “raster_data” folder):


RSeco_book_wegmann_leutner_dech_Data_StructureWe expect a certain structure of your data if you want to follow our recipes 1:1. We used the relative path from our working directory and loading vector files by “vector_data/name_of_the_file”. Of course it is up to you to set your working directory to a different location but then all example codes have to be adapted.